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We need to talk about equitable health access.

Health inequity is one of the least talked about crises in the United States. When it comes to health, essential and labor workers are vastly overlooked, unsupported, and underserved, with sparse and ineffective access to quality preventive healthcare and educational tools for healthy living. Both the wellness industry and national healthcare systems fail those widely understood as the backbone of our society.

True, holistic, equitable health is our business.

LEVR Health aggregates employee benefits by offering insurance products tailored to fit the needs of the US workforce and maximize employee health and retention. We offer straight-forward resources and accessible tools to open doors for those who need it most. Our app organizes and supports health education in four key areas of wellness — Physical, Mental, Financial, and Legal — to guide the individualized health journey of employees and their loved ones through benefits like 24/7 Telehealth, Employee Assistance Programs, and tax and legal consultations.

We believe that quality health is a basic human right. Join us in turning belief into reality.

Our Four Pillars

We establish and support health in four ways: physical, mental, financial, and legal. Discover how below.

Physical Health

Proactive care for your physical health — so you can feel good, and do more. 24/7 Telehealth, physical health resources, and more.

Mental Health

Your mental health matters. Resources for stress management, counseling options and more.

Financial Health

Set yourself up for a successful future, with resources such as tax services, paycheck funding, and financial planning.

Legal Health

Extensive expert resources on legal matters for you and your family, including identity theft solutions, legal consultations, and more

Doors are meant to be opened.

Just as each door has unique locks, we recognize that each workforce has unique health access needs. We work with each company to ensure training and communications are tailored to the needs of their workforce, providing support and materials along the way — so you can rest assured, every employee understands the benefits available to them.

Ready to revolutionize employee health?

Our team is well-positioned to support in answering questions, providing additional benefit materials, and setting your company up for success with our benefits. For questions, interest, or simply to get in touch, fill out the form below and a member of our team will reach out.


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