LEt's make major medical smooth Sailing

Working with traditional medical insurance companies can be rough waters – our alternative offers cost savings without changing your coverage or carrier.

In a complicated healthcare Landscape

we're your expert navigator

Healthcare premiums are reaching historic highs with no signs of slowing down. Simultaneously, traditional brokers continue reaping the benefits of these price increases since they are paid a percentage of premium.  In today’s climate, this simply doesn’t work.  That is why we are flipping the script.  Using a captive insurance model, our per-head commission means we don’t make money on you paying higher premiums.

As your strategic partner, we are committed to guiding you through the ever-evolving healthcare environment. Our team of specialists are dedicated to ensuring you have the tools and support necessary to make informed decisions, optimize healthcare spending, and achieve long-term stability. 


A medical insurance captive lets companies with self-insured plans buy group stop-loss insurance, protecting against high-cost claims. This secures competitively priced stop-loss coverage and avoids significant annual premium increases by covering a larger group under a single policy. We specialize in mid-size groups but can tailor our solutions to best fit your business size.

NEGOTIATE Better rEBATE Rates and pharmacy benefits.

In-house account Management

You receive a dedicated expert who understands your unique needs and handles every aspect of your insurance plan. From initial setup to ongoing support and throughout the lifetime of your account, you’ll benefit from consistent, reliable service from a single point of contact who is always there to assist you.

100% return of surplus claims

Any funds not used for claims or administrative costs are returned to you, the policyholder, potentially reducing your overall insurance costs while maintaining robust coverage.

Stability and risk mitigation year-to-year

Navigating the unpredictable nature of healthcare costs can be challenging. By participating in a captive, you are part of a collective risk-sharing model that helps to smooth out the financial impact of claims fluctuations and unexpected events.

Keep Your Provider, Control Your Pricing

Our structure allows you to negotiate and control pricing based on your specific needs and claims history, ensuring that you get the best value without compromising on the quality of care.

Captives and your business

We value transparency and invest in education.

Our experts are ready to diagnose your business and help you understand what increases your rates — at no extra charge.


Does this captive replace my major medical offering?

Yes, our captive insurance program is designed to replace your major medical insurance. However, you will continue to have access to recognized, extensive networks and carriers. Additionally, you can retain your current carrier, and our program will work to negotiate better rates for your business.

What additional Rx benefits will I receive in this program?

Our captive insurance program offers access to drug rebates, patient assistance programs, biosimilars, and international sourcing when beneficial for your group.

Do I need to hire a third-party benefits manager to implement Salus?

No, you will not need to manage any aspects of the captive insurance program. LEVR, along with the captive and its trusted vendors, handles every detail for youfrom program implementation and administration to ongoing support and managementallowing you to focus on your core business operations.

My business might not qualify right now, when can it be reevaluated?

Your eligibility for the captive insurance program can be evaluated annually before your effective date. We comprehensively review your program by analyzing your claims data, assessing your plan’s performance, and identifying opportunities for improvements or adjustments. By doing this, we ensure that your healthcare strategy remains effective, cost-efficient, and responsive to any changes in your organization or the broader healthcare landscape.

Have you got more questions? We’re ready to answer them.